How much do you know about PVC?

I’m assuming you clicked onto this blog post as you have a certain interest in windows, but what else can PVC be used for? Did you know that jumping castles are made out of PVC? So are mouth-guards and dental retainers. What are all those vinyl records you have sitting at home made out of? You guessed it, PVC.

The facts I mentioned above aren’t that surprising when you consider that PVC is the 3rd most widely produced plastic in the whole world. First is polyethylene (PE), which is used to make plastic bags and plastic bottles. The second most produced plastic in the world is polypropylene (PP). This is used for packaging, labeling, reusable containers, stationary and textiles.

Now, why is a company that sells uPVC windows and doors talking about vinyl records and polypropylene? This blog, which was created and is run by Zenit Windows, is a space we designed to help answer our customer’s frequently asked questions. It’s also an area where we can have a little bit of fun and provide little known information about our products, the materials used in our products, or whatever else we can think of which is somewhat related to our business.

So, what’s the difference between PVC and uPVC?

The u in uPVC represents PVC that has not been plasticized. That means this is the material in its original form, and has not had plasticizers added to it. Adding plasticizers to uPVC transforms the material into a product with elastic properties that becomes malleable and easy to shape.  uPVC is preferred in the construction industry as it is a stronger material that does not corrode and only changes shape in extreme temperatures, not under normal weather conditions. Some companies claim to use PVC windows; this is only done as the majority of consumers have heard of PVC before. Think about it, would you want your windows and doors made out of the same material used to make a vinyl record? I didn’t think so. That’s why uPVC is used instead.

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