Some lesser known benefits of uPVC

Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC) windows and doors became popular in the rebuilding processes around Europe throughout the Second World War. The uPVC windows and doors were a cheap and reliable material that met and excelled all of the mandatory infrastructure and safety needs at the time.

After many decades, uPVC is still the first choice material in Europe for windows and doors. They were later introduced to the American market in the 1980’s, with great success. These durable, low maintenance and energy efficient windows and doors easily withstand the extreme conditions the European and American climates throw at them, whether it is the extreme heat, cold, rain or snow.

Although uPVC has been available in Australia for many years, it is still considered a relatively new product when referring to the manufacturing of windows and doors. Awareness levels of uPVC is slowly growing throughout Australia, however, the complete benefits that this product provides are still unknown by the majority of people. Here are a few of our favourite benefits, which are not always mentioned:

  • uPVC windows and doors have a strong focus on energy efficiency. uPVC limits the transfer of heat and cold through the frame, preventing heat from entering the house throughout summer, as well as retaining the heat that’s inside during winter. As a result, this reduces the reliance on heaters and air conditioners, making uPVC windows cost effective and environmentally friendly.
  • uPVC frames are made up of a self-extinguishable material that does not support combustion. They are commonly used in fire risk areas as they are flame retardant.
  • 57% of uPVC material is made of salt, making them ideal for use in coastal areas, as they will not corrode.
  • As they can withstand any weather conditions, they do not peel, chip, corrode or flake, meaning they need virtually no maintenance, such as painting.
  • uPVC frames significantly reduce outside noise, especially when teamed up with the appropriate glass. Together, they significantly reduce noise pollution, and are also able to eliminate drafts as well as water leaks.



There are many more benefits of uPVC, and we go into much greater detail on our website. Just click through to the uPVC section.

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