Thermally broken aluminium systems


In the 21st century, as our quarterly energy bills seemingly keep increasing and temperatures continue to climb, we see home owners and commercial properties seeking all kinds of methods to be more energy-efficient and less wasteful. While turning off heating and cooling equipment when no longer in use can certainly help, your choice of windows and doors also plays a significant role in making your home or office more energy efficient. Thermally broken windows installed by Zenit Windows will help you to considerably enhance the energy efficiency of your home or workplace.

There are typically three ways in which heat is transferred – there is convection, radiation and conduction. Conduction, which is the transfer of heat between two materials in contact with each other, is typically the most common method of heat transference through windows. However, thermally broken windows are actually insulated against conduction of heat and cold. Thermal breaking involves fitting a plastic or non-metallic resin called a ‘thermal break’ in the frame of your double glazed windows. This break separates the two metallic parts of the window from each other and it results in the heat and cold transfer path being broken.

Zenit Windows is proud to install thermally broken aluminium windows in homes and commercial premises across Melbourne. Enjoy the benefits of a classic product with advanced design, high levels of thermal insulation, and great sound reduction.

Whether you’re planning to build, in the middle of a build or renovating, buy double glazing for an energy efficient solution whilst adding value to your property. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations from the purchase to the installing of your double glazed windows. Visit our showroom in Melbourne or request a brochure for more information.


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