Euro+ minimal window series


The Euro+ Minimal Series is Zenit Windows latest proposal for advanced insulating hinged systems which meets the high standards of private and public buildings in Western Europe, combining the demanding levels of thermal insulation, water tightness and sound insulation. The system includes a wide range of profiles with modern flat shapes.


It also provides the choice of using concealed sash and concealed fittings for windows and doors and also, of making constructions with totally aligned sash and frame profiles internally and externally for the entrance doors. It is the ideal solution for any kind of constructions that require strict standards for high performance and maximum safety.


Uw: from 0,85 to 1,4 W/m2K
Frame depth: 77 mm
Sash depth: 85 mm
Minimum visible width: 93 mm
Minimum visible width (T-profile): 76 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit: up to 130 Kg
Glass thickness: 24 – 68 mm
Cross section thickness: 1,5 up to 2,5 mm

Visit our showroom in Melbourne or request a brochure for more information.


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