Pivot doors


Our Euro+ Pivot door series specially designed for fabricating entrance doors of high aesthetics with high quality materials. The main characteristic of the system is the heavy duty thermal-break profiles which, in combination with glass or aluminium panels, respond to the latest architectural trends.

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Thermally improved aluminium systems



Thermally improved aluminium system (Eco series)

Energy efficiency is something we’re all striving for in our homes, from buying appliances with higher star ratings through to making basic changes in behaviour, like simply turning off lights when we leave a room. But energy efficiency is also becoming a considerable factor in the building and construction of new homes, as well as the renovation of existing homes.

How does it work?

A thermally improved aluminium system is essentially window frame that has a gap that is less than 5.30mm between the two sections of aluminium. The reduced gap between the two sections of aluminium is typically achieved with a variety of design considerations. A thermally improved aluminium system will carry with it a U value (i.e. the rating which indicates the likelihood of heat energy escaping) of 8.0 W/m2.K or less.

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Lift and Slide doors


Lift and Slide doors operate similarly to sliding doors, as they can be opened fully by sliding the frame across a track. When lift and slide doors are completely closed, the advanced locking system sits flush with the fitting that provides high level of thermal insulation, flexibility in construction and is ideal for large openings.

All of the Lift and Slide doors used at Zenit are German engineered to ensure many years of optimal and effective performance. They are warp resistant and they do not corrode, providing the lasting peace of mind that is needed when purchasing doors.

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Thermally broken aluminium systems


In the 21st century, as our quarterly energy bills seemingly keep increasing and temperatures continue to climb, we see home owners and commercial properties seeking all kinds of methods to be more energy-efficient and less wasteful. While turning off heating and cooling equipment when no longer in use can certainly help, your choice of windows and doors also plays a significant role in making your home or office more energy efficient. Thermally broken windows installed by Zenit Windows will help you to considerably enhance the energy efficiency of your home or workplace.

There are typically three ways in which heat is transferred – there is convection, radiation and conduction. Conduction, which is the transfer of heat between two materials in contact with each other, is typically the most common method of heat transference through windows. However, thermally broken windows are actually insulated against conduction of heat and cold. Thermal breaking involves fitting a plastic or non-metallic resin called a ‘thermal break’ in the frame of your double glazed windows. This break separates the two metallic parts of the window from each other and it results in the heat and cold transfer path being broken.

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