Window openings



Windows play an important role in the architectural design of your home. Our customer’s frequently ask about the variety of window openings available, with the belief that a very limited number of options are available. This is certainly not the case.

A variety of openings are readily available, and they are all great for different reasons. Some are more suited for certain purposes than others, and elements such as security and maintenance need to be considered. Do you need an abundance of light to enter the area? Does the area inside need to be ventilated? How about installing a secure window that allows fresh air to flow through, but is secure enough to keep intruders out? Take a look at some of the options below.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing open outwards at the bottom. These windows have the advantage of being able to be placed in hard to reach places that require an opening. They are also great at protecting your home against moisture when it’s raining, with very little threat of water seeping into the home. The foot traffic outside needs to be considered if choosing an awning, as someone walking outside can easily collide with the windows’ jutting sashes if they’re not careful.


Casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outwards. The pivoting axle lies in the side part of the frame and sash, compared to awnings where the pivoting axle lies at the top. They can be safely and easily cleaned. Unlike awnings, you need to keep a close eye on the weather, as rain or any of the other elements can easily enter the house through the big opening.

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