Thermally broken aluminium systems


In the 21st century, as our quarterly energy bills seemingly keep increasing and temperatures continue to climb, we see home owners and commercial properties seeking all kinds of methods to be more energy-efficient and less wasteful. While turning off heating and cooling equipment when no longer in use can certainly help, your choice of windows and doors also plays a significant role in making your home or office more energy efficient. Thermally broken windows installed by Zenit Windows will help you to considerably enhance the energy efficiency of your home or workplace.

There are typically three ways in which heat is transferred – there is convection, radiation and conduction. Conduction, which is the transfer of heat between two materials in contact with each other, is typically the most common method of heat transference through windows. However, thermally broken windows are actually insulated against conduction of heat and cold. Thermal breaking involves fitting a plastic or non-metallic resin called a ‘thermal break’ in the frame of your double glazed windows. This break separates the two metallic parts of the window from each other and it results in the heat and cold transfer path being broken.

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A deep focus on colours


At Zenit Windows, we know that you are looking for incredible colours for your frames to deliver a perfect aesthetic result. This is why we have heavily invested in a wide arrange of colours for our profiles, because we believe in style as well as functionality. Zenit Windows have partnered with a leading company that uses the most highly advanced mechanical equipment in painting technology. In a quality controlled environment, our automated painting line equally covers each profile to deliver the perfect colour.

The focus is not solely on delivering amazing colours. Our aluminium electrostatic painting powder offers a unique stability and strength that can withstand the toughest conditions imaginable.Thanks to these highly advanced processes, the colour you choose for your profile can be enjoyed for many years to come with no maintenance required. The colour range we offer includes RAL colours, metallic, matte and gloss finishes.

Along with the our wide range of aluminium colours we also offer the largest selection of uPVC colour laminates available in Australia. Moreover, we offer exclusive dual lamination with different interior and exterior colour options.


colour swatch-web

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About to renovate or build?

Zenit Windows is glad to announce that it will participate in Australia’s No.1 Building & Renovations Expo, which will take place in Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 9th to 12th of April 2015. Get free expert advice from more than 300 leading Victorian suppliers, so bring your plans and photos. See everything under one roof!

We look forward to seeing you at the HIA Home Show 2015.


Window openings



Windows play an important role in the architectural design of your home. Our customer’s frequently ask about the variety of window openings available, with the belief that a very limited number of options are available. This is certainly not the case.

A variety of openings are readily available, and they are all great for different reasons. Some are more suited for certain purposes than others, and elements such as security and maintenance need to be considered. Do you need an abundance of light to enter the area? Does the area inside need to be ventilated? How about installing a secure window that allows fresh air to flow through, but is secure enough to keep intruders out? Take a look at some of the options below.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing open outwards at the bottom. These windows have the advantage of being able to be placed in hard to reach places that require an opening. They are also great at protecting your home against moisture when it’s raining, with very little threat of water seeping into the home. The foot traffic outside needs to be considered if choosing an awning, as someone walking outside can easily collide with the windows’ jutting sashes if they’re not careful.


Casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outwards. The pivoting axle lies in the side part of the frame and sash, compared to awnings where the pivoting axle lies at the top. They can be safely and easily cleaned. Unlike awnings, you need to keep a close eye on the weather, as rain or any of the other elements can easily enter the house through the big opening.

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Some lesser known benefits of uPVC

Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC) windows and doors became popular in the rebuilding processes around Europe throughout the Second World War. The uPVC windows and doors were a cheap and reliable material that met and excelled all of the mandatory infrastructure and safety needs at the time.

After many decades, uPVC is still the first choice material in Europe for windows and doors. They were later introduced to the American market in the 1980’s, with great success. These durable, low maintenance and energy efficient windows and doors easily withstand the extreme conditions the European and American climates throw at them, whether it is the extreme heat, cold, rain or snow.

Although uPVC has been available in Australia for many years, it is still considered a relatively new product when referring to the manufacturing of windows and doors. Awareness levels of uPVC is slowly growing throughout Australia, however, the complete benefits that this product provides are still unknown by the majority of people. Here are a few of our favourite benefits, which are not always mentioned:

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How much do you know about PVC?

I’m assuming you clicked onto this blog post as you have a certain interest in windows, but what else can PVC be used for? Did you know that jumping castles are made out of PVC? So are mouth-guards and dental retainers. What are all those vinyl records you have sitting at home made out of? You guessed it, PVC.

The facts I mentioned above aren’t that surprising when you consider that PVC is the 3rd most widely produced plastic in the whole world. First is polyethylene (PE), which is used to make plastic bags and plastic bottles. The second most produced plastic in the world is polypropylene (PP). This is used for packaging, labeling, reusable containers, stationary and textiles.

Now, why is a company that sells uPVC windows and doors talking about vinyl records and polypropylene? This blog, which was created and is run by Zenit Windows, is a space we designed to help answer our customer’s frequently asked questions. It’s also an area where we can have a little bit of fun and provide little known information about our products, the materials used in our products, or whatever else we can think of which is somewhat related to our business.

So, what’s the difference between PVC and uPVC?

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